Dental Referrals

Our aim at Priory Vet Group is to improve the oral health of our pets.

MatthewDental disease is simply one of the most prevalent and therefore important diseases seen in our pets. 70% of adult pet animals are affected by gum disease and 25% of dogs are affected by diseased teeth. Despite sometimes severe dental disease, some pets may not show the signs of pain they are suffering.

Matthew Oxford from the New Forest Veterinary Dental Service can carry out complex root canal treatment to salvage the structurally and functionally important teeth; orthodontic treatment to move teeth that are in an abnormal position and that are causing damage to the soft tissue; surgery of the jaw to treat fractures; extensive surgery to remove cancerous growth. Daily tooth brushing is the cornerstone of oral health. Come along to our free nurse clinics and practice brushing your dogs teeth.

Rabbit incisor (front) teeth grow continually as much as 1-2mm per week. Overgrown cheek teeth develop sharp spikes which can lacerate the tongue or cheeks making eating very painful. You can check your rabbits teeth at one of our free nurse clinics.