Cardiology Referrals

Priory Veterinary Group in Christchurch, are happy to take referrals for Cardiology, both from registered clients, and other veterinary practices.

Veterinary Cardiology

Jess is an experienced Veterinary Surgeon who has been with Priory since 2013. In 2017, she completed a certificate in Small Animal Cardiology, and went on to achieve further Advanced Practitioner Certification in 2018.

Jess believes the key to managing cardiac disease is ensuring her clients have a good understanding of their pet’s condition, by including a full face-to-face consultation after all investigations to discuss treatment options and ongoing monitoring. She also works closely with a skilled group of registered veterinary nurses, to provide affordable ongoing monitoring for chronic cases.

Cardiology - Cat Being Seen By Vets - Priory Veterinary Group

Our Cardiology Services

Our Cardiology Service offers investigations into, and management options for:


Heart murmurs




Collapse/ syncope (fainting)


Pericardial disease


Reduced exercise ability 


Breathing abnormalities 


Congenital heart disease 

Priory has a full range of diagnostic equipment including DR X-ray, a dedicated (quiet!) Echocardiography room with a high-quality ultrasound machine, ECG and holter analysis. Our hospital facilities at Priory Veterinary Group ensure that all Cardiology cases get the necessary investigation and treatment. This includes 24 hour nursing for cases that also require overnight treatment. 

Cardiology - Heart Monitoring - Priory Veterinary Group

How to make a Cardiology Referral

If you are registered at Priory, are concerned that your pet may have heart disease, and would like Jess to examine them, please contact our client care team.

In addition to treating patients of Priory Veterinary Group, Jess also accepts referrals from other veterinary practices to investigate and treat murmurs and arrhythmia’s. If you are a referring vet, please use the referral form or in case of a Cardiac Emergency, please call 01202 484466.

If you would like to contact us, please call us on one of the numbers below, or send us a message via either Whatsapp, or our contact form.


Christchurch Hospital
01202 484466
59 Purewell
Christchurch BH23 1EN

Highcliffe Surgery
01425 273102
301 Lymington Road
Highcliffe BH23 5EG

Bransgore Surgery
01425 674080
Old Telephone Exchange
Bransgore BH23 8AA