Making the most out of your Remote Consultation
During this pandemic, remote consultations are a way for us to still offer healthcare to pets who don’t require emergency treatment but still need veterinary attention.
Remote consultations can be carried out over the phone or using video call depending on your preference. Below are some tips on how to make the most of your remote consultation to enable our vets to provide the standard of healthcare that your pet deserves.
What video platforms are we using?
We’ve decided to keep our video consults as simple as possible, preferring to use those apps that our clients will be most familiar with – FaceTime (iPhone, iPad or Apple computer), WhatsApp (any smartphone) and Zoom (cdesktop, laptop or smartphone). Please let us know at the time of booking which app you would like to use. In the case of zoom, you will be sent a code to join the consultation when the vet is ready for you.
Prior to the consult
Our pets don’t always perform when we want them to! If you have pre-recorded videos or pictures of your concerns please email them to before the consult so our vet can look at them before calling you. These are particularly helpful when looking at lesions/ wounds and lameness or behavioural concerns. (NB, if looking at lesions, it can be useful to trim the hair away in the region to get a better look. Only do this if you feel confident and safe doing this!)
If you have a cat you would like us to look at please make sure they are close by at the time of consultation, we know our feline friends are brilliant at playing hide and seek when it comes to vet visits and remote consultations seem to be no different! It’s probably best that you restrict them to just one room whilst waiting.
Please make sure you have your camera and microphone enabled on your device prior to the consultation and that you either have good signal or a strong wifi connection.
Choosing a location for the consult 
A well-lit and quiet location is best, away from distractions and with good internet connection. Try to set your device down on a stable surface in a landscape position. This way your hands will be free to make notes and handle your pet.
What will happen during the call? 
You can talk to the vet just like you are in the surgery. Speak clearly towards the computer, looking at the screen. You may need to take a picture or present your pet to the camera. Try to get a clear image, you may require assistance from another household member.
We realise a lot of people feel self-conscious in-front of a camera, don’t worry, none of us are youtube influencers in our spare time either! Just speak to us as you normally would, you might find it helpful to write down some questions or concerns as a prompt. Having some paper and a pen to hand to write down advice can be useful too.
Similarly, it is likely that our vet will want to make notes as he/she discusses your pet’s case with you. Therefore, please don’t be offended if you see your vet looking down, away from camera as they are probably busy writing down valuable information.
Finally, don’t worry if the line cuts out, we will phone you straight back. No technology is perfect all the time.
What happens afterwards? 
Your vet will provide you with clear instructions, which could include monitoring the problem for now, dispensing some medication or seeing your pet in person.
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