Nurse Clinics

We have a team of 12 highly dedicated, enthusiastic and experienced staff on our nursing team. They run a variety of free clinics giving life stage appropriate advice aimed at preventing ill health, wellness and early awareness when problems do arise.

Routine Clinics
Nurses are able to give the second part of a canine vaccination and administer medications (topical ear/eye drops or give injections) at the direction of a vet. They will also clip nails, reapply bandages, remove stitches and clean wounds. There may be a fee for some of these clinics, please ask at time of booking.

Geriatric Clinics

Animals, just like humans, often need more care as they get older. At geriatric clinics – ‘Golden Oldies’ clinics! – nurses will examine your animals and highlight any health concerns. They can then make suggestions as to how we might help keep your pet active and healthy. We will discuss exercise, mobility, nutrition, mental health and senility, dental health, sight and hearing.

Please try and bring a fresh urine sample from your pet to this consultation.

Dental Clinics
Nurses will examine your pets mouth, discuss dental health and any concerns, show you how to brush their pets teeth and keep teeth healthy as well as discuss things to look out for.

Weight Clinics (free)
A pet being over or underweight is an indicator in many different disease. Nurses are trained and enthusiastic about pets maintaining a healthy weight and they can help design a healthy diet for your pet. Ongoing clinics to check progress can be arranged.

All clinics are run from the Hospital at Christchurch unless indicated.