Pet Insurance

Lifetime Pet Insurance for Priory’s Loyal Customers with our Partners at Pet Proactive

Why have Pet Insurance?

As vets, we see pet insurance as a means for pet owners to budget for the unexpected. If the worst happens, it enables our vets to carry out the most appropriate treatment, increasing the likelihood of recovery and a better quality of life for your pet.

However, we understand that choosing the right policy for you and your pet can be confusing with various terms and coverage options to navigate and the added pressure that should your pet develop a chronic illness, you may be stuck with that insurance provider or face exclusions if you choose to switch. For more information on our preferred pet insurance provider, Pet Proactive, click here.

To see what to consider when choosing your policy, see below.

Type of Policy

A “lifetime policy” covers your pet for any long-term conditions they develop that may require ongoing treatment throughout their life, while “12 month” policies will exclude the condition thereafter.

Insurance claim limit
The cost of your pet’s future veterinary care is always difficult to predict but for some the costs can be quite substantial, especially if your pet requires surgery, referral or develops an ongoing issue. So, it is important to have decent insurance limit, as certain treatments, particularly with specialists, can cost thousands of pounds.

Finances are the last thing you want to be worrying about when your pet is sick. Having a good level of cover can avoid any heartbreaking decisions having to be made for cost reasons.


It is important to compare exactly what your chosen insurance provider will and won’t cover your pet for, and for how long. If you’re thinking of switching to a new pet insurance provider and your pet has existing conditions, be aware that your new provider is unlikely to cover them (potentially even if you have not claimed for these conditions on your insurance policy).

Dental Care & Other 'Extras'

We highlight dental care as a third of all cats and dogs over three will have some degree of dental disease & injuries can happen to teeth just like anywhere else on the body! Some companies will exclude all dental care, others will allow it under certain circumstances. But considering most pets will need dental treatment at some point in their lives, it is worth looking into what a policy will cover.

Some insurance providers also offer cover for complementary treatments, e.g., hydrotherapy/ behaviourist or prescription foods, etc., which are worth considering when comparing policies.

Third Party Cover

Accidents can happen even with the best-behaved pets! You can insure your pet for third party damages, and some pet insurance providers will include this in their policy; however, make sure you check the small print as cover can vary dramatically. It can also be included on some home insurance policies and purchased as a third party only policy. Dogs Trust include third party cover as part of their annual membership.

Claims Process

Many companies have the whole process online for both you and your vet, which can really take the pressure off when you need to concentrate on your pet, not the paperwork! It’s also better for the environment- Win win!

It is important to note that whilst insurance providers may say they can do direct claims (i.e. pay your vet directly), this ultimately is a question for the vet practice. Whilst we will always try to make the claims process as stress-free as possible for our clients, as an independent practice, direct claims can cause significant cash flow issues for us, and so we will often only accept direct claims from reputable insurance providers for significant claims. For more information, see our direct claim policy.


It is worth asking around the pet-owning community as well as family and friends on their experiences. Poor customer service, unexpected exclusions, hefty increases in premiums or introductions of co-payment clauses at renewals and delays in payment are all red flags you should take into consideration!

“We only work with independent veterinary practices because they put the needs of their patients first. We are delighted to be working with Priory Vets. Priory Vets have exceptional in-house expertise and state of the art facilities at their small animal hospital in Christchurch. This, combined with their fair pricing, enables us to offer customers at the practice very simple insurance policies, that pay claims in full and provide better value for money over the lifetime of the pet.”

Elizabeth Graham – CEO at Pet Proactive

A new approach to Insurance with Pet Proactive

Having seen the ever-increasing complexity and cost of pet insurance, Priory have decided to partner with Pet Proactive to provide a fairer and more straightforward approach to pet insurance for dogs and cats.

By designing pet insurance specifically for independent vet practices, Pet Proactive can offer greater clarity and value to customers and take away the hassle involved with making a claim.

Our partnership will directly benefit our clients as their premiums reflect our fair pricing and the high level of expertise which enables us to provide such a comprehensive level of veterinary care to our patients “in-house”.

By taking on pets before they turn 6 years old, Pet Proactive aim to keep your premium affordable over the lifetime of your pet, reducing the stress involved with substantial price increases as your pet grows older (at the time when they are most likely to need insurance).

Pet Insurance - Cat on the Shoulders of a Vet - Priory Veterinary Group

Features of Pet Proactive Policies

Whichever Pet Proactive policy you choose comes with the following good-to-know features:

  • EClear and simple policies which confirm any exclusions from the start
  • EComplete medical cover including dental illness.*
  • EBased upon trust in our practice, so any treatment or referral we prescribe is covered up to your policy limit.*
  • EPremiums are based on the fair pricing at Priory Vets and making a claim will not affect your premium.
  • EPriory Vets will process your claims directly, so you don’t need to worry about paying the balance to us if you’re insured with Pet Proactive.
  • EUnlike most policies where you may need to pay an excess per condition per year, with a Pet Proactive policy, you only pay one excess per year of £100 irrespective of how many conditions you are claiming for, up to your annual claim limit. We will process your claims upon request with payment made directly to Priory Vets.**
  • ECovers treatment through another vet practice if you are away from home.
  • ELifetime cover so your policy limits refresh every year.

*Excluding any pre-existing conditions
**Provided monthly premiums are up-to-date with Pet Proactive

Pet Insurance - Mobile Phone Showing Pet Proactive - Priory Veterinary Group

To take out a policy with Pet Proactive, you must already be registered with Priory Vets, commit to your primary care with Priory Vets and your pet must be less than 6 years old (when taking out the policy). To find out more, please visit the Pet Proactive website.

Already Insured? It Might Be Time To Switch!

If you already have pet insurance, Pet Proactive’s free “switch check service” will confirm any pre-existing health conditions that would affect your policy before you buy, so you can have complete certainty of cover for you and your pet.

Please note: Although Priory Vets will accept direct claim payments from Pet Proactive insured clients, you may need to settle any outstanding account yourself when using an alternative veterinary practice or referral clinic (for example, when on holiday or when your pet is referred for advanced specialist care). You will then be able to claim reimbursement for this amount back (within your policy limit/cover) from Pet Proactive.

Pet Proactive insurance does not include Liability Insurance – you may wish to consider separate liability cover (although you may find this is already included with your home insurance policy).

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