Puppy Parties

Join us for important socialisation opportunities for puppies who aren't old enough to go out for walks yet.

We run a weekly free puppy party at both our Christchurch and Highcliffe surgeries for puppies following their first vaccination where they can socialise in a safe and controlled environment.

  • Parties teach puppies that it can be good fun coming to the vets!
  • Receive information and advice about good health and successful development of your puppy
  • Helps your puppy get used to being handled by vets and nurses
  • Gives an early start to socialisation with other puppies in a safe environment within the critical period of 3-12 weeks of age
  • Provides support and advice for new puppy owners. Subjects covered include diet, house training, vaccinations, behaviour, flea and worm prevention, dental care and vaccinations.

Your puppy can only attend after having had the first vaccination and before having the second vaccination. Puppies should not be exposed to unvaccinated dogs during this period. Puppies will need to have a collar and lead on at the party please. You can book your puppy in by calling us on 01202 484466.

Join our Puppy Club

We hold lunchtime parties to socialise puppies from 1st vaccination to 12 weeks. Owners will receive advice on:
1. Diet, house training, vaccinations and general pet care
2. Behaviour, neutering, fleas and worms, dental care