Small Animal Surgery

We are happy to accept referrals to our highly-trained, Post-Grad Certificate holders in Small Animal Surgery, at our Veterinary Hospital in Christchurch, both from our registered clients, and other practices.

Post-Grad Surgical Certificates

Daniel and Sophie both have further qualifications in Small Animal Surgery. Their surgical experience and skills enable them to perform complex orthopaedic and soft tissue surgeries, with the back-up of our 24 hour nursing facilities, to ensure fantastic care throughout the treatment.

We are also very fortunate to work with Jane Oatley who is a very experienced orthopaedic surgeon able to take on more advanced orthopaedic procedures including complicated fracture repairs, arthroscopy and joint surgeries. Jane also runs our Injury and Rehabilitation service where she offers in depth work-ups for complicated lameness and pain management.

Daniel completed his certificate in 2015 after completing an additional three years of training, and gained further qualification, with distinction in Small Animal Surgery. His special interest lies with complex soft tissue surgeries.

Sophie completed her Post-Graduate Surgical Certificate in 2021. She has had great success performing BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) surgeries, and enjoys the challenge of Orthopaedic surgeries.

Jane holds an RCVS Certificate in small animal orthopaedics and in 2016 became one of only a small number of surgeons awarded RCVS advanced practitioner status in this field. She also has a special interest in sports medicine and rehabilitation and particularly enjoys working-up and managing injuries in agility and working dogs

Small Animal Surgery – Welfare and Post-Operative Care

At Priory, we understand the importance of offering owners a range of options for differing circumstances, to maximise our patient’s welfare. We are proud of the additional training and knowledge that enable our vets to offer a wide range of surgery to a high standard. Similarly, the facilities at Priory Veterinary Group ensures that all surgical cases get the necessary post-operative care. This includes 24 hour nursing, which is essential for complicated surgical cases.

Small Animal Surgery - Fishing Hook Xray - Priory Veterinary Group

How to Make a Small Animal Surgery Referral

Our experienced vets are happy performing laparoscopic spays, challenging mass removals, BOAS surgery and treatment for a wide range of orthopaedic conditions, such as cranial cruciate ligament rupture, patella luxation and fracture repairs.

We are always happy to see new patients, no matter how challenging or routine the case may be.  They can be contacted either using the referral form, or directly on 01202 484466. 

Small Animal Surgery - Animal Surgeon - Priory Veterinary Group

If you would like to contact us, please call us on one of the numbers below, or send us a message via either Whatsapp, or our contact form.


Christchurch Hospital
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Bransgore Surgery
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