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According to the RCVS and BVA guidelines we are now allowed to proceed with some vaccinations. This advice has changed because a prolonged lockdown period increases the risk that a population of unvaccinated pets may lead to welfare concerns later.

To comply with all guidelines on social distancing and reducing the number of visits required, while still maintaining the immunity of our local pet population, we are setting the following criteria for vaccinations and boosters:

  • Puppies can have their first vaccine from 10 weeks old and then their second four weeks later. We will do the vaccine at 8 weeks of age if you are a breeder to enable the puppies to go to their new homes.  The puppies will still have the same immunity as a normal course but this reduces the number of visits required, which fits with government guidelines.
  • Kittens can start their course from 9 weeks of age and a second injection three weeks later.
  • All rabbits due their myxomatosis vaccines
  • All dogs due their boosters, this is especially important for those due their first annual booster. Due to our location so close to the New Forest, Leptospirosis is a real concern if the population of dogs is left unvaccinated, we have seen cases even in normal times so we want to reduce the risk of an outbreak in our local area.
  • All cats due their first annual boosters.

If you have a pet that fits the above criteria and would like them vaccinated please contact us by email on and we will contact you to arrange an appointment. We have a significantly reduced team so please use email to arrange your appointment.  We need to keep our phone lines open for truly urgent calls.  Thank you in advance.

It is important that we maintain social distancing during these appointments so we regret that you cannot be with your pet for the vaccination. Please bring a carrier or cage for puppies and kittens/cats that is suitable for your pet to be placed on the floor so that the vet can collect them whilst maintaining social distancing.

We also can not do any vaccinations for animals that are from a household where any of the members are displaying Covid-19 signs. Please contact us for further arrangements in this case.

This is a continuously changing situation and we are trying to do the best for our clients’ pets as well as follow the government/RCVS guidance in order to help the NHS and save lives. We will keep you up to date with all the changes of policy on our website and Facebook pages. We would like to thank you all for your patience and understanding in these unprecedented times.

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