Wildlife & Strays

If you have stray cats hanging around your area do not feed them, the chances are they have a home already.

If a cat is injured or obviously ill, feel free to bring it to our Christchurch Hospital for examination, however if it appears healthy, please call the Cats Protection League (01202 946303) or the RSPCA (0300 1234 999) as we are not allowed to ‘board’ the animal. We will be unaware of the clinical history of the stray and can not compromise the health of our hospitalised patients.

If you find young wildlife, the best advice is to leave it where it is as it is probably being cared for by its parents. Only handle wildlife to bring it to the hospital if it is obviously ill or injured. There is one exception being very small, young hedgehogs. These need to be brought in to us if found wandering in November or December as they will be too small to hibernate and so will not live through the winter.